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As you may already know, has several free resources and tips for people looking to learn music by ear. While we started primarily in the piano space, we have expanded to drums, guitar, organ, singing, and other instruments.

In addition, there are over several free piano lessons, blog posts, video content,  an interactive community (with thousands of members) and more!

Our primary and most popular product is our 300-page interactive home-study course, "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear." Additionally, we offer a full line of of gospel dvds that specialize in teaching various techniques and concepts to playing gospel music by ear.

We also cover other styles like jazz & salsa in our Jazz 101, Jazz 202, and Salsa Piano 101 courses.

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50% 5%


Sub-Referral Fee?

You'll receive sub-referral commissions in the amounts specified above if you are promoting the sub-referral program. In other words, if you recommend people to our affiliate program on this page and they join, you'll automatically receive a sub-referral fee for anything THEY SELL for as long as they promote our products. You will receive complete details on how to promote our affiliate program when you log into the resource center.


Here's what one of our affiliate partners recently had to say:

Jermaine and I have been affiliate partners for a long time and it has been very successful for me as a business owner and as a ministry. The GospelKeys courses are good for beginners and in this line of work, it is very hard to teach and have material for the brand new beginner. The courses allow me to fill in the gaps where my product lines are deficient.

Jamal Hartwell


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Our courses are among the best-selling programs online. They have been praised as by far, one of the best online piano resources available. We are highly respected in the business and customer service is of paramount importance to us.

Hello Fellow Musicians,

I want to take this time and thank Jermaine Griggs for his ingenuity in creating these gospel piano courses. I'm a jazz trombonist/jazz educator in Boston and have purchased countless number of books and videos related to jazz piano. The materials I have are great, but there seems to be more emphasis on intricate harmonic concepts as opposed to the spiritual aspects of piano playing. Also, these books and videos tend to skim over basic harmonic structures such as triadic harmony, simple chord progressions, and the gospel and blues traditions. Jermaine Griggs has changed all that and finally there exists a comprehensive course that covers the spiritual and the intellectual components of music. Whether an individual is a jazz, gospel, r&b, blues, country, or classical player, there's something to be gained  at Hear and Play Music. Jermaine explains all the details in a clear, concise, and enjoyable fashion. I've personally been able to fill a lot of gaps in my playing since I've been studying his course. The whole concept of chord voicings has never been so clear until now. Jermaine, keep up the great work and continue to educate us dedicated students. Look forward to upcoming products in the near future. God Bless!

Andre L. Hayward
Jazz Trombonist & Educator


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What steps to take in order to become an Affiliate Member:

Once you have read through this site, to explain the details and answer any questions you may have, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Simply fill out the application form.

  2. Your application will be instantly approved (and later reviewed by our affiliate dept) and you will be able to login to your account, which will give you all the details and assign you special links that you will use to link to (so we can track the sales from your site).

  3. You will also be provided with a URL that you can check your stats and earnings in real-time. As you can see, we have everything covered for you ... now, all we need is your participation. Click here to get started!


After joining, you then instantly start earning referral fees for all sales that are generated from the visitors who were referred by your site and who then purchase from our site.

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for setting up your new affiliate tools! In each section of the new support site, it is incredibly apparent just how much you guys put into it. Though I'm part of a lot of different affiliate programs, I can't think of many that are even CLOSE to supporting my efforts like you and your company do. Give my appreciation to Brian for all of his hard work as well, he's really been a blessing when it comes to answering all of my questions and coming up with great marketing ideas (and solutions!). Thanks again for all of your hard work Jermaine!

Eric Farewell you have your own account at facebook, twitter, myspace, blogger, wordpress, or any other social site that allows you to edit your own page or post messages and updates? You can join our affiliate program and start posting our messages & banners on your page today!

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