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General information:

If you haven't already done so, please look over the short description of how the program works. That overview may help to clarify many of the answers on this page.


How do I fit the Affiliate Program into my website?

No matter how you integrate it into your website, we give you complete control.

You can have one or more of our banners on multiple pages of your site OR you can just have a text link to us directly from your main page, your "other links" page, or wherever you deem appropriate at your site. It's up to you.

If you don't have a website but will be promoting us through twitter or facebook, you can post small messages via the status update functions of these sites.

If you have multiple sites, you can sign up with one affiliate account and promote the program across your network of sites. With our advanced tracking, you can create different "ads" so that you know which sites are making you sales.

We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. For example; you could just have a banner on your main page OR you could have us listed in your main menu (if applicable). You may say something like " - Lots of tips, techniques and secrets to learning the piano by ear!".

We recommend the main page because it has the highest exposure to your visitors, and of course, the more people that click to the website, the more people who buy our home piano course or dvd products, the more money you make.

Here are a couple of other pointers for listing at your website.
Placing our banners on your site:
This is the most common and easiest way to earn referral fees. Simply place a banner on high traffic parts of your website for visitors to click on (banners are instantly supplied for you upon the completion of the sign-up form). Placing a banner on your site takes about 2 minutes as all you have to do is copy and paste the code we give you to the appropriate place on your pages.


Placing our banners on your profile page:

Do you have your own profile or blog at facebook, myspace, twitter, wordpress, blogger, or any other social site that allows you edit your own page? You can join our affiliate program and start posting our banners or status updates on your pages, just like you'd do if you had your own website.

With the emergence of major social networks (that range from 10 million to 100+ million users each), this presents a new opportunity for people without their own official websites to profit from affiliate programs (by using their profile pages and friend networks at these huge sites).


Topically-oriented websites:
Most websites, especially those that focus on a particular subject area, will want to set up a link from their main page used specifically to link to In other words, with your selections on your main page (main menu), you would have as an option. It would look as if is part of your website, but it is really going to our site through your affiliate link.
Example:  About us   |   Contact us   |  My Bio   |   Piano Lessons  |   Sign Up
Notice how the "Piano Lesson" links looks like a normal part of the navigation menu. This is one route to take.

Blog / Informative sites:
Sites featuring articles, reviews, and interviews may want to use a different approach. Interviews and stories with the author and course reviews on's Home Piano Study Course serve as effective ways to increase visitor clicks to your affiliate link.

Linking to our course in context is a simple way to integrate it into your site; you could also insert a phrase like "(more information about this course)" or "(order this course)", next to the title, and link from there instead. Other subtitle ways include saying things like: There are several piano courses out there but I recommend this one simply mentioning the title of our course in a related sentence with a link to your affiliate account.

For this kind of website, a "suggested reading" list might also be a good idea. For example, suppose that you include an article discussing jazz or gospel music, etc. You might include a "suggested reading" list at the end of the article, including a link to through your affiliate link.

We will go into detail on how to do this in future training sessions that you'll get access to after you join our affiliate program.


How will my visitors order?

Simply stated, you link to's website. In turn, we'll run everything for you by recording, processing and fulfilling your customer orders.
  • Your visitors will visit your website and link to the webpage you present to them.
    • They can order any of our courses by using our online ordering process, calling our 800#, or by faxing or mailing in their order. We make every user fill out a questionnaire, which generates an order form. As soon as they fill out the questionnaire, you're connected as the affiliate on file. When our staff receives the order in the mail/fax, you're already connected to the client as the "referring affiliate."
    • They will receive their course shipments via Priority mail or ground mail and all other products and/or customer service directly from (you will not have to provide anything but the referral).
    • It is all hands free. We do all the work and you receive a referral check every month for linking to
In more detail:
First, your customers will browse your website and find the description of that you have included in your pages. If your description catches their interest and they wish to find out more, they would follow the link you provide to

For example, this might be one of the banners (dozens to pick from) that you choose to place at the top of your homepage:

After a visitor clicks on the banner above (on your website), they will then be taken to one of the pages our site (whichever page corresponds with the product you're promoting). Or if you choose to promote the general website, they can take advantage of our  free lessons and resources! If they happen to order any time after they click on your link (up to 2 years later), you will get a commission.

Once the customer begins to finalize an order,'s ordering software takes over - running on our secured server. From this point forward, they'll get complete customer service directly from

We send out our products via USPS (Priority or ground mail). If they choose the digital download option, they are able to retrieve the electronic version immediately in our state-of-the-art download center, which houses all their purchases. They can return to our download center any time in the future to re-download any course they've purchased in the past.

We will handle all of the financial transactions. Our customer service department will answer any questions or requests they have about their orders, including returns as necessary.


Will supply me with product descriptions, reviews or online artwork?

Yes. Product Descriptions and course reviews are available. However, we do recommend that you try linking to us by direct text links or banner links before you introduce reviews or interviews with the author at your website. The goal is to start promoting as fast as possible so you can start seeing results.


Can we take the order on our website instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?

No. We are solely responsible for developing and presenting our free tips and course's descriptions/stats, therefore we can update the site as necessary with new additions, new order processing options, price changes, etc. cannot be responsible for any errors in your descriptions of these tips or products offered, by you not updating your pages as often as we do. We also offer a secure website which is essential in collecting online orders. If you're interested in buying our courses in bulk at a wholesale rate, e-mail


How do you calculate referral fees?

Referral fees are earned on each sale:
  • Every order placed through your sponsoring website with's online order system, through the 800# order line, by faxing it in, or by mailing in a check will be eligible for 25 - 50% commission, depending on your affiliate level.

We have three affiliate levels:

Affiliate Level Commission % Sub-Referral %

Silver Program

For all new affiliates. When you generate $1000 in gross sales, you're automatically upgraded to the gold level.
25% 10%

Gold Program

After your first $1000 in gross sales, you'll be upgraded to the gold program. When you generate $5000 in gross sales, you're automatically upgraded to the platinum partners program.
35% 10%

Platinum Partners Program

After generating $5000 in gross sales, you're automatically upgraded to the highest level, platinum, where you receive 50% commission.
50% 5%


You can view product and subscription prices by visiting:

(To calculate how much you'll earn, simply multiply the product prices by the appropriate commission percentages above).

Minimum payment threshold: Your paid when your total commission reaches at least $50.


Sub-Referral Fee?

You'll receive sub-referral commissions in the amounts specified above if you are promoting the sub-referral program. In other words, if you recommend people to our affiliate program on this page and they join, you'll automatically receive a sub-referral fee for anything THEY SELL for as long as they promote our products. You will receive complete details on how to promote our affiliate program when you log into the resource center.


How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?

We will provide you with special formatted URL's  that you will use to link to our site. These URL's will identify a particular "Affiliate Code" which we use to track your referral fees as they are earned.

This code is assigned to you after you apply for the affiliates program., one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies online, and the service we use to manage our affiliate program, then stores that affiliate code on the customer's computer and in their own system (just in case the customer orders from another computer, you still get credit because you'll always be the "referring affiliate" on file). The affiliates code is hidden right after the customer clicks your link so they never see it.

If someone visits through your link to our site and does not buy one of our products right away, but returns within 2 years to purchase one, you will still get credit for that sale and earn your referral fee as the cookie stays in place for 2 years (and if they have their "cookies" turned off on their browser, our CGI tracking software will always point to your reference number if they bookmark us and return later to purchase). Additionally, as soon as a record is created for them in our system (as a result of signing up for free lessons or joining our newsletter), you are marked as the referring affiliate so any time they order in the future, you get credit because your name is on file. This is a very big advantage to you as you get paid referral fees for purchases in the future!


How will I know how many of each product were sold by

Once you join, you can login 24 hours a day to view how many visitors have traveled from your site to and how many of each product and subscription were sold on a daily basis. You will receive an email notification as well. Also, remember that you'll receive your referral fee check on a monthly basis.

Additionally, with our advanced tracking, you can create different ads to use on your site that will help you to differentiate what's working. For example, you can promote the same product on the front of your site, via e-mail, on twitter, and facebook and simply make separate ads so you know which of those methods made you more sales. In the stats, those ads will show up with separate visitors, sales, and conversion rates next to them.


What kind of income can I expect?

By law, no claims can be legally made here. But we've found our low traffic affiliates make around $150.00 - $500.00 a month. Heavier traveled sites earn around $500.00 - $3000.00 a month, and large sites can earn up to $3000 - $5000+ a month. It depends on the type of people that visit your site, how many visitors you receive monthly, and how much exposure you give your referral links to us.


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